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Accent Reduction Training in Toronto and Online

The ACCENT CLEAR Philosophy

Sylvia Whiteside is a registered Speech Language Pathologist who has been working exclusively in the area of Accent Reduction Training in Toronto since 2005. Treatment focuses on improving speech clarity, not simply reducing or modifying an accent. Sylvia teaches her clients to manage their accents by targeting those features, including stress and intonation, that impact most on clear speech. Patterns that have little or no impact on clarity do not need to be worked on. Accents are a part of a person’s history and personality and do not need to be eliminated in order to effectively communicate in English.

Accent Reduction Training can be of benefit to:

  • Foreign-born Professionals needing to improve their pronunciation so they can work successfully in Canada or advance in their careers.
  • Competent English speakers who have difficulty communicating their ideas on the phone or out in the community due to their accent.
  • ESL speakers who lack the confidence to speak socially or at work because they fear being misunderstood.
  • Employers looking to improve the efficiency, accuracy and effectiveness of their ESL employees’ communication with co-workers and clients.
  • Anyone who is frustrated by communication breakdowns that occur as a result of accented speech.
  • ESL speakers with a personal goal of improving their spoken English, even if they speak clearly.

Accent Reduction Training is available to:

  • Individuals who are looking for direct Accent Reduction Training in Toronto in a friendly one-on-one setting.
  • Small groups of ESL speakers in Toronto looking for Accent Reduction at a reduced rate at their location.
  • Foreign-born Professionals outside of Toronto who would like to access Accent Reduction services online. Classes are available to people across Ontario and in some foreign countries.

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