Online Accent Training Services & Fees

Accent Reduction Management Modification Online Telepractice Toronto

Online Accent Modification Training - Also Called Accent Management

Sylvia uses the secure platform ‘Zoom’ for her classes. She was trained in May 2015 to provide telepractice services through the Speech and Language Therapy Department at Waldo County Hospital in Belfast, Maine.

This program is accredited to provide Online Speech Therapy by the American Telemedicine Association (ATA).

There are many benefits to receiving Accent Reduction Courses & Training online.

  • Research shows that online speech training is just as effective as sessions that take place in person.
  • No added expenses. Individuals and small groups can now receive services without paying an additional travel fee to bring Sylvia to their office.
  • Telepractice sessions can be arranged at a convenient time during the day or evening.
  • Share Online Accent Training Sessions with a spouse, partner or “Speech Coach”. If spouses/partners would like to take an Online Accent Training Course together, they can attend from home and eliminate the difficulty of coordinating travel. 
  • Record your online Accent Training Sessions for future reference. 

Fees for 1:1, Couples and Small Group Sessions

  • Initial assessments are scheduled for 60 minutes and cost $180.00. Usually half the session is an assessment and the second half is used for training.
  • 60 minute training sessions are $180.00. 
  • 45 minute training sessions are offered at $150.00.  
  • Couples with the same first language (sharing one screen), $270.00 per hour ($135.00 per hour per person). 


Scheduling and using Online Accent Training Services

Meetings are scheduled in advance. Please text Sylvia at 416-806-2775 or email  to schedule an assessment or a free 15 minute consultation.

Clients receive an e-mail notification with a link to the meeting – typically the day the assessment or training session is scheduled.  At the arranged meeting time, simply go into the e-mail and login to the session. Clients are then prompted to start their audio and video. You do not need your own Zoom account. 

Sylvia understands that sessions need to be cancelled for various reasons. Please provide at least 24 hours notice, if possible. No-shows are charged the full rate for the missed session. 

Online Connection Issues

If technical issues arise on your end, please phone Sylvia to discuss options. Sessions can continue without a video connection if both parties agree and there are no visuals being shared on the screen. The audio is the most important feature for most goals. If there are too many interruptions or the Internet is down etc., a mutual decision is made as to how to proceed.

Interested? Get A Free Consult!

Please send an email or text  with your availability in the coming week for a 15 minute phone consultation. 
I will answer your questions and will be able to give you some feedback regarding your speech and what I would work on with you